Proxxon FKS/E Table Saw
Proxxon FKS/E


The ideal machine for straight, mitre and compound cuts. Usable on all wood types, non-ferrous metals, plastics (ABS, Pertinax, foam rubber) as well as rubber, cork, etc. A table indicates the recommended speeds for various materials. Substantial construction with load bearing parts of die-cast aluminium. Machined aluminium top measures 295 x 240 mm. A mitre slot and fence are provided. An extension wing is housed integrally and pulled out to increase effective table width to 500 mm. Drive is effected via a special, quiet motor and optibelt. The blade arbour has ball bearings and is fitted with a TCT blade 80 x 1.6 x 10 mm (PX-28734) as standard. Depth of cut is adjustable from 1 to 22 mm and the blade may be tilted through 45°.


220 - 240 Volt motor, 50/60 Hz
Electronic speed control, with feetback effect for speeds of 4,400 - 6,800 rpm.
Overall size: 300 x 262 x 170 mm (without extension wing)
Depth of cut: 1 - 22 mm, uses all blades 50 - 85 mm diameter with 10 mm bore
Variable speed
Rise & fall tilting arbour
Weight approx. 5.2kg


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