Manix High Precision High Speed Mini Drilling Machine MD-1H
Manix MD-1H
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Mini drill-1h, offers 8000 and 12000rpm, and is particularly suitable for drilling on printed circuit board and in small diameter.

Main spindle hardened, ground and supported both ends with precise bearings to assure accurate drilling.
Convenient three position switch allows continuous operation or intermittent operation actuated by downward movement of the quill.

Aluminium die cast heat-housing assists in heat dissipating from motor
during continuous operation, lightens construction and stabilises the machine. Wide and durable table made of tough cast-iron with a working area of 170x170mm, and provides two grooves to mount machine vice and work via fixtures.


Drilling Capacity Ø1.0 - 6.5mm
Swing 220mm
Distance Between Table And
End Of Drill Chuck (Max.) 180mm
Distance Between Table And
End Of Main Spindle 215mm
Table Size 170 X 170mm
Main Spindle Travel 25mm
Main Spindle Taper Jacobs No.1
Main Spindle Speed 8000-12000rpm
Single Phase 220,240v
Dimensions 170 X 315 X 395mm
Weight 5.3kg (without accessories)


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