Manix Hotwire Foam Cutter HCM-3S
Manix HCM-3S


Precision and versatility. For architects, model builders, designers, decorators and artists etc. Ensures quick cutting of Styrofoam and various thermoplastic materials.

The cutting wire gets fully hot in less than 1 second.

Absolutely secure by inserted separating transformer and isolation to class hcm-3s function is facilitated with comprehensive range of accessories.


Work Table Size 610 X 265mm
Wire Height 85-210mm
Wire Angle 45°-130°
Wire Diameter 0.18mm
Input Power Single Phase 220,240v
Dimensions 700 X 530 X 365mm
Weight 8kg (without accessories)

Standard Accessories

Hand Cutter(1pc), Circular Working Jig(1pc), Foot Swith(1pc), L-Wrench Set(1set),
Steel Measure(1pc), Protractor(1pc), Horizontal Straight Guide(1pc),
Angle Guide(1pc), Wide Straight Guide(1pc), Wire(3rolls)

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